Contact information and frequently asked questions

I signed up to your newsletter but didn't receive an email from you with the bonus content.

Sorry! The bonus content email is sent automatically after you subscribe, but occasionally emails don't arrive for a number of random reasons - generally it just means our email providers don't want to get along 🙃. If you message me at using the email address you signed up to the newsletter with, I can verify that you subscribed and send you the link to download the bonus chapters personally :)

I received the welcome email but am having issues downloading the bonus content to my device.

If you send an email to with the details, they'll help you sort out any technical difficulties (they're great!)

Do you have any social media?

Yes! You can friend me on Facebook here: And you can follow my Facebook page for updates on my books: You can also contact me via my email (, or follow me on the following sites to be alerted about new releases: Goodreads - Amazon - Bookbub -

I'm already subscribed to your newsletter - can I download new/old bonus chapters?

Yep! Check out the welcome email for a link to all chapters; I also include a link at the bottom of all my newsletters!

I'm an ARC reviewer, can I join your ARC team?

I always announce when e-ARCs are available via my newsletter; you can also follow me on Booksprout for a notification. If you're a book blogger/influencer and are interested in receiving physical review copies of my upcoming or previously published books, I'd be happy to work with you! Please shoot me an email with your booktok/bookstagram/booktube/book blog name, as well as the link, estimated number of visitors per month, and (if applicable) a link to your goodreads so I can check out any previous reviews you've done.