Nanny for the Neighbors 

One unemployed nanny. Three scorchingly hot neighbours. We’ve never even spoken to each other—until an abandoned baby changes our lives forever…

Lily Gold 3.jpg


There’s a baby on my neighbours’ doorstep.

They don’t know where it came from. They don’t know which of them it belongs to. And they sure as hell don’t know how to look after it.


Luckily, there’s a nanny in the building: me. When I offer to help out, they hire me on the spot. I’m thrilled. The truth is, I’ve been crushing on the boys in apartment 5A for months—and now, I finally get the chance to meet them.


There’s Jack: the sweet, nerdy game designer with the electric blue eyes and infectious smile.

Cyrus: the flirty dancer whose ripped abs and smooth moves melt my brain into goo.

And Sebastian, the uptight businessman with the perfectly crisp suits and scorchingly intense stare.


Every day, I go to their apartment to take care of the baby.

Every night, they take care of me. It doesn’t take long for our arrangement to get steamy. Soon, I’m falling for all three of them—as well as their heart-meltingly cute six-month-old.


But when work pulls them away from me, the truth finally sinks in. While I’ve been catching feelings, my neighbours have just been playing house. I’m not their girlfriend, I’m their employee, and they can replace me in a second.

I know that I want to be with all three of them, but will the guys accept me into their family? Or will I only ever be the girl next door?